At the end of April, the London Accordion Orchestra were invited to play in Germany by the Nuremberg accordion orchestra, where they played two sold out joint concerts with very appreciative audiences.

Having braved the journey, we were, to our great delight, welcomed by some of the German orchestra at Nuremberg airport.

The first concert was a joint lunchtime concert by LAO and the Nürnberger Akkordeonorchester Willi Münch e. Neues Museum - an absolutely fantastic-sounding modern space.

This was followed by an afternoon concert by our very own Accordion5 and the Nürnberger Akkordeon-Ensemble at the St. Andreas church in Kalchreuth. The weather was beautiful, the audience enthusiastic and the concert location absolutely stunning.

The evening was seen out by a joint dinner with the Nuremberg accordion orchestra and an exchange of local gifts, including a life-size hare statue (in honour of local painter Albrecht Dürer).

We were overwhelmed by the extraordinary hospitality of the Nürnberger Akkordeonorchester Willi Münch e. V. and the Nürnberger Akkordeon-Ensemble and would like to especially thank Martina Janschak, Marco Röttig, Manfred Elbacher and of course, Stefan Hippe.