We are delighted to announce that we will be performing at Neue Museum in Nuremberg on 30th April, having been invited by the award-winning Nuremberg accordion orchestra as part of their Modern Connection series.

(Nuremberg Accordion Orchestra, (c) Claus Hübner)

More information here.

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08.02.2018 klo 20:27


Don't miss one of our very talented players in a solo recital next month. Click the link below for more information.


27.01.2018 klo 17:31

Hey Guys
Has anyone, ANYONE, got any photos of Julie, Oscar or Sofia from last Saturday? Julie mentioned to me that she has no photos of herself or them except in the maelstrom of the whole Orchestra, and she would be delighted (D.E.LIGHTED) to get one or two.

Apparently, there are more photos of Snape than of Shrek and Fiona, though I know for a definite fact that Shrek and Fiona are more popular than Snape - it may be that there are no photos of Julie, Oscar or Sofia, and this may have nothing to do with their popularity - but there are millions of pictures of Sam who I know for a definite fact . . . . . .

22.01.2018 klo 17:45

We had blast at our film music concert, 'LAO at the Movies'. Thanks to all who bought tickets, our second sold out concert in a row. Here are some pictures, including some of our players dressed as film characters... Enjoy! (Photos: Chas Watkins and Elizabeth Knowles)

21.01.2018 klo 10:41

Great LAO at the movies concert yesterday! Loved it all especially La La Land and Pirates of the Caribbean, the fun costumes and the movie themed venue. Well done everyone and thank you.

10.01.2018 klo 18:54

***Sold Out***

Our film music concert on 20th January is now sold out. If you missed out on tickets for this concert our next London performance will be at 7pm on April 16th in the Dukes Hall at the Royal Academy of Music. Entrance is free. Details coming soon...

02.01.2018 klo 09:58

Happy new year to our Facebook friends! We are delighted to kick off 2018 by announcing our partnership with Amusiko Musikverlag who will be making the music we have commissioned over the years more widely available in Germany and beyond. Particular thanks go to Tobias Dalhof at Amusiko for his determination that this music reach a wider audience. Take a look at their online shop for more details:


23.12.2017 klo 14:32

***Concert tickets and special guests***

Tickets for our film music concert in January had sold out earlier this week but we have just heard from the venue that the balcony will be open for the concert. The balcony seats 25 people and offers a great view of the stage. These tickets are now on sale for just £8 here: https://lao-tickets.eventbrite.ca

We are delighted to announce our final 2 special guests for this concert. Andrew Skeet (Piano) and Simon Little (Bass Guitar) will join Tosh Flood (Guitar), Tim Weller (Drums) and Celine Saout (Harp). We also have Dan Gresson and Rob Farrer on percussion. We may need a bigger stage...